Maintenance Care

Show Your Concrete Floors Some TLC

Schedule Concrete Floor Maintenance in Dallas, Tx Today

Are your concrete floors dull and worn? Don’t worry, DalCrete Decorative Concrete, Inc. provides concrete floor care services in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas. 

We can extend the life of your concrete floors by using a damp mop, cool water and neutral pH cleaner to clean them. Trust us to apply a fine coat of wax on your floors to make them shine like new.

You’ll be able to place your furniture back on your concrete floors 24 hours after we apply the final coat of wax. You should never use ammonia, bleach or Pine-Sol cleaners on your concrete floors because they break down the sealer and wax layer over time.

Contact us today to set up your concrete floor maintenance appointment.

Keep Your Floors in Pristine Condition with Routine Concrete Floor Maintenance

DalCrete Decorative Concrete offers concrete floor maintenance services to homeowners and business owners in the Dallas, TX area. Scheduling concrete floor care services is a smart investment because it:

  • Extends the life of your concrete floors
  • Enhances the look of your concrete floors
  • Attracts more customers to your business
  • Adds value to your residential or commercial property

Choose DalCrete Decorative Concrete when you need concrete floor maintenance services you can depend on.